My Story

Debra Moorefield became a Nature's Sunshine Products Independent Distributor 29 years ago. She has always enjoyed learning about being healthy. For years most of her topics were about exercising and trying to eat as best as she knew. She started going to classes and NSP workshop's to learn more about taking care of her health. Her bowels never seemed to work like they were supposed to growing up. The Doctors would say, nothing to worry about, some people go every day and some people don't.

 Going to classes she started asking questions, speaking up and decided to become a NSP Independent Distributor. She went to the NSP plant to check out the process of making the NSP products. As time passed she decided to put a program together with NSP products and added a different food plan to better her health.
Within four to five months she felt normal and was having regular bowel movements.
After this she shared her story with others at the workshops, in classes, with family and friends. It was like a celebration, at the same time she wanted to let everyone know how much NSP had changed her life in a positive way. She has other health topics that NSP played a part in with her as well as her pets.
 Now she walks in the morning from 5:30am until 7:00am. She has seen the hard work NSP has put forth making high - quality products and wanted to share with the world.
She believes we should be active in solving our own health problems. Researching, investigating & communicating with others who have experienced similar health problems and have a desire to help each other get and stay healthy naturally.

Please feel free to contact her; she is here to help you with your health journey.