Are you full of health and vitality? I hope you are.             

 If not, it is up to you to make changes to improve how you feel and look.                                          

 Pharmaceutical company's want us to believe they have developed chemical substances (drugs/medicine) that will cure almost any health problem. I do believe there are medicines that cure disease and make life more enjoyable, I also believe you have choices that may enable you to live drug free.

 Simple things; substitute potato chips and soft drinks with organic carrots, celery or  vegetables of your choice.                                          

Cut your red meat intake in half and add a serving of beans (spice-em up) with your meal to supplement the protein you missed.

Monitor your sugar, sodium and cholesterol intake.

I cut my sodium intake by 20-30% by reading food labels and simply choosing a different product.

Reduce your dairy intake; dairy products can create numerous health issues.

Try drinking almond milk in place of your regular milk. Soft drinks, plain and simple just stop drinking them. Install filters on the water supply to your faucet and learn to love water.

 Herbal tea is an excellent substitute for soft drinks and can help with some health issues. Buy a quality Ginger tea, the next time you or a family member feels nauseous drink a cup, you'll be glad you did. Feeling stressed out? Try Chamomile tea, it is a relaxant for the nervous system and digestive system. Before taking any herbs or drinking herb tea's read up on the herb you want to take to make an informed decision on what is best for you.

Herbs are a food your body uses to help repair itself.

Modifying your life to accommodate for true healthy living can transform the way you feel. The intertwining systems of the body, from the immune system to the digestive system, heavily affect the health of one another. Being aware of and then actively supporting each aspect of your health will help you feel better on many levels-while laying the foundation for a healthy future.

I do not treat or diagnose diseases; I only pass along information to help educate others.

God Bless You In Your Journey To Better Health


  "He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and the herb for the service of man. That he may  bring forth food out of the earth."

                                                                                                             Psalm 104:14